Miles to Health

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Warm up : 5 mins from Kathy Smith Pilates

2 handed Swings 15/16kg
Double racked squat 10/16kg
2 arm row 12/16kg
2 handed Swings 15/16kg
2KB suitcase deadlift 15/16kg
KB Chest press on Stability ball 15/15#
2 handed Swings 15/20kg
Alternate lunges 10ES/20kg
2 KB Military Press 10/15# too easy use DB since 20kg is too heavy or split 5/5
2 handed Swings 15/20kg
Side Lunges 10ES/20kg
Windmill 10ES/15#
KB Crunches 15/15#
Russian Twist 12/15#
Get up sit up 10ES/15#

Did some cardio and warm up from the Metabolic Booster Workout which was part of the giveaway for today from the 12 days of Fitness,

High Knee Drill 1x40 secs
Jump rope 1x40 secs
Jumping Jack 1x40 secs

Jumping jacks 3x20 jumps
Jump rope 3x20 secs
Push Press 1x10 reps had to stop time to go for the Christmas Concert at the Church so quick cooldown.


duchossois said...

That looks like an aggressive workout. I wonder, have you ever tried crossfit? I don't know much about it, but reading your workouts made me think you might be interested in it.

EbethS said...

Frank, I do occasionally do crossfit but due to all the other wonderful programs out there I am not a complete loyal follower.