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Monday, October 13, 2008

Took Saturday due to a round trip college visit to Miami University in Oxford and come Sunday I was just mentally and physically tired.

1 min jump rope, second round did 1 legged 30 sec each
1 min running in place with high knee
1 min rest
Repeat 3x

One Arm Row-20kg - 3x10
Pushup on toe-3x10
Mountain Climber 3x10
One Hand Swing 3x10 L,R 12kg KB
1 min rest

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 12,20,20-3x10
Standing Calf Raise- 16kg KB-3x25
Mountain Climber 3x20
Hand to Hand Swing 3x20-12Kg KB
1 min rest

Dumbbell Curl -20kg -3x10
Overhead Extension 25# 3x10
Mountain Climber 3x30
Hand to Hand Swing 3x30-12kg KB
1 min rest

Dumbbell Squat - 16kgKB 3x10
Stiff legged Deadlift - 16kg KB -3x10
Mountain Climber 3x40
Hand to Hand Swing 3x40-12kg KB
1 min rest

2x5 pullups
Knee raises 3x10
Ab workout

1 comment:

DaisyDuc said...

Visiting my alma mater!

Looks like a fantastic workout!