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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday I had no desire to get out of bed, I was physically and mentally tired, all I wanted to do was watch movies and drink my tea but by 3pm, my youngest needed a ride to the library for his anime meeting, so I figure I may as well go for my run. Did the usual Solon to Twinsburg route

M1: 10:45 172BPM
M2: 10:25 184BPM
M3: 10:41 176BPM
M4:10:33 182BPM
M5: 10:05 176BPM
M6: 0.13 MILES 8:42 180BPM

My heart rate is higher than usual, i ran by feel and didn't look at my garmin throughout the run, when I got back to Solon, I picked a flat walking path behind the bleachers to do stride outs

1. 315ft 24sec 6:49 139bpm
2. 268ft 22sec 7:28 159bpm
3. 351ft 22sec 5:43 151bpm
4. 300ft 22sec 6:38 155bpm
5. 371ft 23sec 5:31 168bpm

Thorough stretch in the corner at the library while waiting for my son, too cold outside.

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