Miles to Health

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday 5 mile run from Solon Baseball field on Route 91 to Twinsburg Fire station on Glenwood, I actually parked the car at the Solon Library since I dropped my youngest off there for his Anime/Manga club meeting, then I walked over to warm up.

M1: 10:48 156bpm
M2: 11:01 155bpm
M3: 10:57 158pbm
M4: 9:31 165bpm
M5: 10:03 165bpm

So I ran the 5 miles in 52:23 for an avg pace of 10:28, last 5 miler was on Aug 4 in 54:51 for avg. pace of 10:57

Got back home did Cathe Butt and Guts floor work section + some abs then got dressed and went out to celebrate Nigeria's Independence day at the Civic Center in Mayfield.

Sunday Rest Day

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