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Saturday, October 25, 2008


1 min jump rope
1 min side to side high knee
1 min rest
Repeat 3x

Giant Set
Ballet Squat 4x10- 25# DB
DB Lunge - 4x10 - 25#
2 arm row 4x10 - 25#
DB Flye on Stability ball - 4x10 - 25#
1 min rest

Bent over Row 4x10 - 12#
Standing Calf raise 4x25 - 25#
Hammer Curl 4x10 - 25#
Lying DB extension - 4x10 25#
1 min rest

Pull up 4x5
Knee raise 4x10
Ab on ball

Took my car over to the dealer at 8am for oil change, while they were changing the oil went for my 5 mile run in Streetsboro, one thing that I notice during my run is that there is about every single fast food joint on Route 14 including the new sonic.

M1: 11:28 151bpm pain in left hip walked for about 3 mins
M2: 10:54 158bpm
M3: 11:02 159bpm Out of sidewalk running on the side of the road, soft
M4: 11:09 155bpm
M5: 9:57 160bpm

No stride out today had to get back hole for some cleaning expecting guest for the weekend.

Not really going in the right direction, time for the 5+ miles below but this is the first week with the 7 miles twice midweek, so hopefully time improve with my body adjusting.

10/25 54:45 10:53
10/18 53:38 10:27
10/4 52:23 10:28

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