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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AM: Spinerval Ultra Core Conditioning on Spinning bike, for the final all out Ab work did plank, med ball slam and side planks

PM: 1 hour on the elliptical-hill+speed (5.43 miles)

Tempo + Speed Interval on the treadmill

5 mins @ 5.5mph
1 min recovery
5 mins @6.3mph
1 min recovery
5 mins @5.5mph
1 min recovery
3x1 min @ 7.0mph
1 min recovery
2 mins recovery to finish (2.19 miles)

I like this tempo+speed format better using time instead of going for distance, so I will try to do this twice a week, the goal will be to take the recovery min out and run it all the way through then I can go up in speed or increase time and start all over.

Slight twinge in both legs

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