Miles to Health

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday: Took a rest day but did house cleaning since that has been a neglected avenue.

Monday: 3 Mile Run, I love my mizuno wave inspire 4 seems to be working better for me except for the fact that my right big toe always feel like it is running right on asphalt, I have tried thicker socks with no luck so I may have to get a better insert for it. Visit to Chiro for ART

Tuesday: IClimb Core Conditioning using the stepper, I love this workout, really a good total body workout not just core. Bought a PT band for my knee actually help.

AM: Spinerval Hillacious - 1 hour of hill training on the spinning bike + upper body workout using resistance band.
PM: 20 mins on the elliptical + 3 miles on the treadmill using cc2 revised, this is my last run before Akron, since it takes about 2 days for my left leg to fully recover from a run.

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