Miles to Health

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday - Got up early and got in a 4 miles run before church and then spend 3 hours weeding the garden before the high wind started.

Monday - Started Break-in Routine 2 of The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, was really suppose to do 1 for 2 weeks but moved on to 2 then will start with the 14 day program next week.

Break-in 2 (supersets)

5 mins jump rope

Two arm row - 16kg KB - 2x15
Dumbbell Press on Ball - 25# 2x15
1 min jump rope

DB Shoulder Press - 12#, 20# 2x15
Standing Calf raises 20# 2x15
1 min jump rope

Dumbbell Curl 20# 2x15
Overhead DB Extension 20# 2x15

Dumbbell Squat 25# 2x15
Stiff-legged Deadlift 25# 2x15

Knee raise
Crunches on Ball
Misc Abs workout on ball

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