Miles to Health

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meal today was same except for an extra apple and cup of berries, rice was reduce to 2/3 cup to balance out the extra carbs from the fruits and no salad or yogurt.



26 mins jump rope 1 min on and 1 min off, getting much better at jump rope hoping to get to 4 mins on and 1 min off

Lat Pulldown 3x10 60,80,100 Bowflex
Kneeups 2x20
Seated Row 3x10 60,80,100 Bowflex
Ball Crunches 2x20
Incline flyes 3x10 20,20,20 DB each
Standing High Knees 2x20
Shoulder Press 3x10 20,20,20
Cats and Dogs 2x5
Lateral Raise 3x10 8,8,8

Going to a tropical theme wedding tomorrow, hoping to stay away from the tropical drinks and stick with fresh fruit as much as possible.

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