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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Made a trip to the good doctor today so as to see how much damage was done with the BK run, well the pain is no worse than before the race and things seem to be healing nicely so we continued as planned but I only got the trigger point injection on the left butt since the right feels so much better.

I have been having severe pain on my left foot since the race, had the same problem during and after the Cleveland marathon so we took some Xrays so as to make sure there is no fracture, there is none but I have Cuboid Subluxation, this is no big deal just need to pup it back into place.

I am completely recovered from the Bk race just have the normal pain there were before still hanging but even those are not as bad but I feel like I need a sleep fest hopefully can work n that this weekend.

Still didn't make it to the pool today did a kick boxing workout with drills instead.

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