Miles to Health

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sliding on Reebok slide using Kim Alexis video + Gliding Ultimate Buns and Legs by, then did some yard cleanup

Rest Day

30 mins sliding to music from Cadence Revolution and then Ultimate Buns and Leg, really like the way tis workout target my butt at the right spot, then more yard work. Took pictures of what is currently blooming will post later.

3 Mile walk from the Music Store in Aurora, much faster than last week.

M1:14:50 116bpm
M2: 14:18 119bpm
M3:14:10 120bpm

30 mins Shred level 1
Rounds 1 - 4 from AOS Newport
Stretch from podfitness

I feel really good today still some soreness in the leg but all in all much better.

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