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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did the 8:30am Namaste Yoga routine on exercise TV and then carpool with my husband to the marathon expo, he went about his business and the kids and I went to the expo, not sure that was there idea of how to spend a Saturday, saw Mike K and Bob there. Who were the running legends there Bart Yasso, Anne Audain, Bill Rodgers, John Bingham and Doug Kurtis (no picture)

and what I bought

Signed up for the Her Sport Magazine got a free sock (wearing them now so no picture very comfortable) and T-shirt
Got this gorgeous towel for the Air force Marathon in Dayton now I feel like I need to run this someday to justify putting up the towel.
Got my cholesterol, glucose and body fat measured oh and also got my feet analysis to make sure am wearing the right shoe.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I won't steal the show and say your time, but nice job out there today! I looked you up. I DID look for you at the start but missed you.

Great job finishing, I hope you had fun!