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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fall Classic Half Marathon

It was cold, I wore 2 pant thermo leggings and a wind pant and for the top I had a full sport bra, a thermo top and a jacket. The intention was to remove a layer once I do my warm up but due to time constrain and the need to go to the potty I barely got a warm up on but the long walk from my car to pickup my race bib and then to the starting line was probably enough for a warm up. The race was slightly delayed due to limited porta potty availability but we started eventually there is no timing chip so no mat to cross and off we went.
This is a loop course, you do the loop twice, it was nice seeing the leaders, this turned out not to be a very good race for me just a bout everything hurt at some point and the greatest pain came from my hip, am still not sure what was going on with it but my mile 7, I was in so much pain that I was considering not finishing and just going out to my car but I decided to slow way down and go 1 mile at a time and see how I feel, it was hard seeing people I flew by now passing but by this time the goal has shifted from getting a PR on a flat course to just finishing. I knew I has problem with my hip still not sure what cause which was why I took the week before the race off.
According to my Garmin total mile ran is 13.28 at an average pace of 10.40 for a total time of 2:2:47, I was surprised on how fast I ran the first mile, I didn't know I was running that fast until the 1 mile beep went off, I then worked on slowing down to my 10:15 goal pace.

M1= 9.02

Unlike other races I didn't feel breathless or tired, a part for the pain in my hip I was fine, I go a very nice 15 mins massage from Eric after the race and was very glad I did since that was all I got to do in terms of past race routine I was running late for a dinner that got moved from 4pm to 2:15pm Brunch and I still had to made potatoes, so I had enough time to shower and change, sat in the car for an hour to the place and sat around all night long so I was very stiff and sore when I got back home.

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