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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Akron Half Marathon

Gun Time: 2:17:28
Chip Time: 2:15:10 10k 1:03:30 15K 1:35:30 10:19 pace

Left the house at 5:30am, race start time was 7am sharp, got there about 6:23am, this was very well organized, parking was not an issue since all the city lots were free. Walked over to the starting point and used the potty right away since there was no line which was a good idea but there were potties all along the route across from the water station.

Had a hard time deciding what to wear for the race, since it was cold and I know it was going to warm up I couldn't decide, started out with long pants and long sleeve top but I was concern since I haven't ran in them before so switch back to short pants and short sleeve top and added a jacket which I took off at mile 3.

I stayed with the 10:20 marathon pacer, and pacer Jim did an excellent job keeping us in pace and entertained, he walked us through most of the water stop (15-20 secs) and told jokes through the run. We separated from the marathoners at mile 11, boy was is lonely when they left so from mile 11-13.1 I ran by myself, this was the first run for me without my mp3 player but there was marching band and different musical group on the route. Took 2 gel on the route and water at all stop except for the first one.

Not sure what happened to my Garmin between mile 11 and the end but I got weird result but looking at data from mile 1 - 10, my fastest pace was at mile 3-9:51 and my slowest was mile 1 at 10:47. This was a significant improvement over my first race went from 11mim/mile to 10:20.

Wore the adrenaline, didn't really have a choice will go back to vertical runner to find a new shoe, wore 2 different socks wore pro treads on the left and power max on the right . It was awesome watching Vince and the rest of the elite runner when we started, boy are they fast and graceful, want to be them when I grow up.

After the race went over to the massage area and got a very good 15mins massage, forgot where I packed since the start and the end point where different so took a while to find my car, then stopped at a Mexican restaurant and ordered some beef nacho just have a taste for Mexican food, then stopped at the store and got a bag of ice. Got home took a ice bath while eating my nachos and then got in bed, put my legs up on the headrest and took a nap. Taking inventory same place on my knees hurt, I may just go see a sport doctor but I had no problem running with it but may be losing the nail on my left big toe.

Signing up for Stomp the grape 10/20

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