Miles to Health

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great workout today, love that I am getting stronger and now getting the workout in with more focus and back in believing in myself.

ChaLean Push 1, rocking those pushups today, all on my toes and feel great

Kettleworx Fast Abs #2 - this need work

Firm Time Crunch - Cardio & Sculpt - picked this up at an outlet store yesterday, it's okay got my heart rate up

Winsor Pilates Express Lower Body - the elevated clams are a killer but I can feel the butt muscle getting firmer.

After work and $600 later with Firestone to get my car exhaust fixed, I met Shelby at Sunny Lake for Hill Repeats. Plan was to do 4x75secs/2 mins recovery but the hill was shorter than expected so changed things up 8x30secs/1min recovery. Still not hitting the pace that I want but so much closer and I feel great so keep working at it.

Life is good.

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