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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Double Header-Trainer Road 8 Days in California (8DC)

Felt great waking up today and actually got up on time at 4:30am and still with no absolute plan for the weekend. I decide to do a double heasder today Stage 5 & 6 just in case I choose to race Sunday.

Stage 5 was an easy day, atleast that was what the description say Stage 5 is the closest thing this tour offers in the way of an easy day. After an early, moderate climb, a flat course favors the sprinters. There are 3 intermediate sprints and only a single KOM.

Interesting that this is considered easy but then relative to everything else that we have been doing this was easier. legs were a bit fatigue but not as bad as expected especially after all the cramping during swim lesson while learning butterfly.

8DC - Stage 5

Felt great after stage 5, just drenched in sweat so drank a couple cups of water then started stage 6, this was an ouch ouch ouch but manageable, I love trainerroad, love thatt I am able to see what is coming and how long I have to suffer for, because for otehr stuff when am not sure how long i have to stop then find how I only had a minute to go. Time Trial! Today's TT is short but it finishes with a tough hill climb. No KOM's or sprints, just individual racing against the clock. Not sure why they said short it was still an hour, not the best but ti is done and I am still breathing and the legs are not completely death.

8DC - Stage 6

Afterwards did a quick 15mins Hatha yoga routine from Yoga online to wrap things up.

Last night I tried out a new sleep app Sleepbot, love it so far, the wakeup alarm was great and it does confirm something I already know I do not get 8 hrs of sleep, so going to use it for the next couple of weeks to hopefully start improveming my sleep amount. 6.3hours of sleep need to improve that.

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