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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cyclo-HIT + Barry+Bob

Another beautiful spring day in Ohio, 2 more inches of snow overnight and we are at a balmy 24 degree but at least the wind died down. Going to be an interesting 25k trail race tomorrow.

Today, did Cyclo HIT 30 Power Techniques, 5x5mins and every min, he changes the drill every minute: shoe scrapper, hip thrust, wagon wheel, scissors and then hoover, just start all over again. Didn't look too hard when we started but the hoover(standing) really kill my legs and by the 4th round I was dying.
While looking for a strength workout to do, I noticed Barry Bootcamp 5day academy and remembered that each DVD had a weight, cardio and treadmill section. I have never done the treadmill/cardio section in this DVDs but love the weight section so decided for my run today to try it out and picked Joey (not sure if all the treadmill wrkt is the same or not) this was actually a lot better than expected.

warmup: very short
section 1: Start at 5.5mph/0% incline(mine was at 2%, never run below this) then increase very 1 min by 0.5 at 5mins go as fast as you can,
recover 3.5mph/0%
section2: start at 5.5mph/0% incline and increase 1% every 30sec keeping speed constant, max was 15% for them, mine was 12% highest tread went.
recover 4mph/10% - really this is recovery
section3: start at 4mph/10% every 30 sec drop incline by 2% but increase speed by 1, yes for the first time I ran 9mph on my treadmill @2% and didn't go flying off. YEAH ME
recover 3.5mph/0%
Section4: Sprint; 90sec/7mph. 60sec/8mph, 45sec/9mph, 30sec/10mph YES I DID, just incredible that people can run a marathon at this pace.

This was only about 27mins, on the screen there is a countdown clock, speed and incline in red, Joey was working around and there was about 10 people on treadmill.

Bob Harper Kettlebell shred for strength today-12kg KB

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