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Friday, November 30, 2012


Since today was a rest day on Coach Troy's schedule I pulled out what I thought was an easy fun workout, well I guess the bootcamp part should have been the giveaway. I did CIA2505 Kickbox Bootcamp with Kim Spreen it was fun but not as easy as I remember but then since I have only done it once before, memory could be foggy, really great core workout seem like just about every move made use of the core. Then I follow up with a multi plank challenge from Skimble.  Also added in a 10 mins yoga routine from my daily yoga another app on my phone. My phone is a samsung galaxy SII.

Well, decided on a bike store so stop by on my way from work yesterday to talk to the owner about what I need and to see their selection. After spending an hour with him and his partner decided on a cyclocross bike since if I ride outside it will mainly be on a towpath(crushed limestone), I will be going back Saturday to ride the bikes and decide on which one I want, they have an indoor cycling area and then before leaving the store joined their tri club. The bike store is relatively new and so is the tri club, doing a tri is on my bucket list, they do indoor cycling 3x a week free to members and also swim 1x a week with a coach on hand also free to members.
Since I was on a roll, stop by the rec center and did a family sign up for 6 months, time I get back in the pool, no chance of me getting a pool in my basement.
Phase 2 of the Spinerval Challenge starts tomorrow, since I don't have Spinerval 30.0 will be doing Tough Love for the first time, figure out that should be a good sub.
Have a great week everyone.

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