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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus & Jupiter

Both Venus & Jupiter are quite visible in the sky right now with a peak on Thursday 3/15, saw them last night and it was an incredible sight based on how far they really are from earth.

Great run this morning with my buddy, the weather was actually very nice we both wore capri and long sleeve tech shirt with no jacket but still kept on the gloves, got in 6.69 miles. We cancel the run for Friday since we are right now planning on running Sat & Sun. Sometimes I do feel guilty about skipping morning service with the family but I do still get to go to the evening service and I consider this a good time for my husband and the kids to spend quality time together works for me.


Kathy said...

Weren't they stunning?
I equate running with church at times, celebrating our gifts and thanking God for all that we have!

Elizabeth said...

Yes kathy they were it was really nice being able to see them since the weather was great. Thursday was suppose to be the peak and since we had crappy weather didn't see them. I do the same but since Hubby is a non runner he has a problem with it and sometimes i just need peace.