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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hazard and Beauty of Predawn Running

 I try to get outdoors at least 3x during the week if my schedule and my running buddy's schedule align, we have about 4 different route we can go. having been running predawn outdoor now for almost 3 months, I have come to realize the following even thou I am aware of people or cars around me I have limited fear of being abducted, kidnapped or being hit by a car but my 2 biggest concern being run down by a deer or sprayed by a skunk and I guess a close 3rd will be a dog attack.
The deers either come out of no where going at full speed to close the road or in a group slowly cross the road and never seem to be in a hurry regardless of how much noise we make. I prefer the slow crossing one since there is no chance of being knock down just have to wait them out.
Oh the skunk, the good thing is that you can smell them from a mile away now you just have to keep looking for them, hoping you see them before they see you so far being lucky. I wonder if the tomato juice really work to remove the odor hopefully I never get to find out.
With dogs even thou my area is pretty good about the electronic fence, you just never know if the dog will stop or go through. What I have noticed so far, dogs that are great for running tend to go through since they want to go running, dogs that are great for security tend to go through since they think you are invading their space and lazy dogs bark and ignore you. I just never understand why most owner put their dog out at 5am and go back to sleep just about all of them bark none stop every time a runner goes by.

The beauty of predawn running especially at this time is the musical chirping from the birds and the sunrise, there is also something about the stillness of the day just before all hell break lose and the school bus start rolling.

Got in 8 beauty miles today with 1 fast deer encounter and a lazy dog, musical chorus from the birds, priceless.


Kathy said...

Love to get out right when the sky is twilight blue and watch the sun come up - magical every time!

Yo Momma Runs said...

I've always been afraid of deers while driving (especially since I hit one in my car), but I never thought about deers while running. Though I don't have to worry about them too much where I live, I am now adding it to my things-to-not-encounter-while-running checklist.

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

I hear such beautiful things about morning runs. I wish I was more of a morning person to get in on all of it. Oh well. I do sometimes get a glimpse of it when I head to Oil Creek for training. Then I end up napping at a rest stop on i-80 later that day. haha