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Monday, April 25, 2011


I can of have been slagging in my blogging lately, I think somehow I just got overwhelm with everything going on in  bloggy world, I think ignorance was bliss, when I wasn't aware of giveaways, initially when I was checking out blogs I was following people I was curious to how they train, recover, fluid their run and fit everything in but then I discovered giveaways and things kind of get out of control. It is amazing how you try to sign up for one giveaway and then before you know it you are on giveaway #3 and liking another company on facebook, then of cause you have to remember to track them all so you can know when you win. So in this process of doing all this I forgot to update my blog, read blogs an really interested in and check on bloggy friends to see how things are going. Even thou I love winning and I have won some stuff, it is time to refocus.

Am now 3 weeks away from my third marathon and my training is going ok, so needs to refocus on that too, for the last 3 weeks I have been doing what I feel like and not following my training plan, problem with this is my body needs structure without which I set myself up for injury since I really am not quite aware of what am doing and it is too late in the game to be doing that. Back to following the plan.

Next on the list is my nutrition, I have actually been doing pretty good, lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months but I need to refocus om my pre, during and post run nutrition seems to just be winging it lately which is beginning to translate into slow/longer recovery and also not being able to hit my scheduled pace.

Also, I have noticed that my heart rate is high during my warmup, I have gotten away from slowly starting my run and keeping my HR in zone 1, which also indicates to me not enough sleep, making me prone to injury.I guess all this really come down to the fact that I need to listen to my body more, all the warming signs are there is just a matter of if I want to pat attention to then or not.

Today's Workout:
1 mile warmup - starting out HR was at 172, so had to bring the pace done actually worked some until the HR was done to about 112.
4x800 with 600 recovery, using Runbayou VDOT calculator (I use this or McMillan Calculator) target for the
800 was 4:20
4-4:13:63  Even thou I was happy to hit the pace the thing I was most glad about it that my max HR during the 800 meter stayed at 155, so I am improving the pace, I can run at a lower HR.
1 mile cool down

Supreme 90: Legs This program is a great buy for $20, you really can't get something better for the price, well put together and perfect for me as a runner since it is short and to the point. I normally skip the warmup since I am doing this after a run. Available at Target, walgreens & Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Baron Baptiste: Vinyasa Level 1, really love this simple straight forward yoga, done in 30 mins but hitting every part of the body. great core work.

Oh, I am still going to enter giveaways, just not going to get obsessed with it, it is great to win since I get to try new stuff. :)

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