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Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 17 - Start of Peak Phase

Training Objective: Achieve peak fatigue resistance and efficiency at marathon pace, adapt and recover for peak race day.

Today was scheduled to do 8 miles but only got 6 in before it was too late for me to me out running, I couldn't get up this morning and run since I was up all night with work emergency and I was too tired and sleepy by the time the alarm went off. By the time I got off work, did grocery shopping, made dinner it was 8:40pm and I just did want to run on the treadmill so I went out for a quick one.

My legs felt fine since to have recovered nicely from yesterday's race since I know I was cutting the mileage short I  ran the pace at the top end of my base pace which is what I really want to start targeting to do. 6.03 miles 9:54 pace, my heart rate was higher that I would have like 161bpm but I know right now I am on the bother line of over training but since I have 2 planned rest days coming up I know I will be fine till then.

I won the $50 give away from Gone for a Run hosted by Ashland Dave host of the wonderful podcast Running in the center of the Universe, now to decide what to get my current list is up to $120 so I need to cut down.

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Tricia said...

hope you have a great week!