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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting my Mojo back

Monday I felt great when I woke up, but wasn't sure what to expect, when the alarm when off I opened my eyes but decided not to move a muscle since I wasn't sure what was going to hurt, so stayed there for about 5 mins trying to decide which muscle to move first, so went with a full body stretch well nothing, that was nice so swung the legs of the bed and stood up, apart from a slight ache in my right heel I was fine but decided to still take a day off. So Monday rest day.

Tuesday was too lazy to get out of bed so slept in and change my workout to after work. Right after work started Dinner, change clothes and went outside for a 3 mile run, my schedule called for 6 miles but I really know I didn't feel up to it. So 3 miles at an average base pace of 9:59, got back home finish making dinner, serve dinner then went to the basement to do my weight workout, Barry's Bootcamp 5 Day Academy Total Body workout (40 mins), this was hard after the run, I really really prefer to workout in the morning seems like I have more energy.

Wednesday, so the first time ever I actually got out of bed on a workday and decided to run outdoors instead of my basement, I mean there was enough daylight and I will be running around my neighborhood so disregarding the light sprinkle, I got dress went to the basement for some Dynamic flexibility and to put my shoe on. On schedule today was
1 mile warmup @ recovery pace
6*400meters @ 3k pace with 3 mins recovery
1 mile cold down at recovery pace

instead I did
1 mile warmup @ base pace (ran by feel did not push at all)
3*0.25miles @ 3k pace with 2 mins recovery so was targeting 2.00 did 1:54, 2:03, 2:04 not bad
1.8 miles cooldown @ base pace

Got back home and did a quick leg workout using Barry's BootCamp fat Blaster Lower Body beginner. I need to remember to fuel my body before going out for a run, after my warmup mile I felt tired then I remember that I had forgotten to eat the almond vanilla evergy bar like I was suppose to when I was in the basement, but I did feel fine during the run.

Since my birthday is next wednesday, I found out there is actually a 5k race on that day in Mentor so I guess I will be trying my legs at a 5k so instead of doing my speed workout on Tuesday, I do the race instead and hopefully be able to get close to my 5k PR but I know this is probably going to be a hilly course everything in that area is.

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E-Speed said...

Hey I didn't know it was your Birthday today! Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun at the race! You look fantastic!