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Monday, November 2, 2009

No workout today, I feel fine just felt like taking a day off, went for the MRI on the right foot and am schedule to follow up with the doctor on Thursday.

October Recap

Total Miles : 113 Target:100 miles
Strength :16 (average time of 20 mins) Target:17
Stretch/Yoga:9 (average time of 12 mins) Target: 16

Really need to refocus on the yoga, should be hitting 20 mins on average, I can tell the difference when I stay on task.

Reflecting on the race yesterday, I continue to understand a little bit more about myself and running, what I have learn so far;
  • Need a detailed training plan, set out monthly, or preferable to goal race
  • Need a target pace and goal for each training run
  • Need a time goal for each "A" race, no goal means no push
  • Strength training the legs after a hard run, helps with me a faster recovery
  • Eating before a hard/long training run or race is important for optimum performance
  • Yoga & Dynamic Flexibility is essential
  • Core work is also essential but doing functional core work using kettlebell or Mark Verstegen Core Performance routine seems to work better, end up with a total body routine.
  • There is a big difference between running and racing, this is truly my first racing year but then this is only my 3rd year running.
  • Running is an expensive sport, regardless of what people think, yes I can do without all the fancy stuff but they make running fun. Wonder if there is a company that will be interested in sponsoring a middle of the pack runner, at least people gets to see their logo.
  • I really do love to run

Depending on what the doctor's says probably one or two more races for the season, then I plan to take all of December completely off from running before returning back to base training in January. Goal mileage for the year is 1000, currently at 910.

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