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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well saw the Dr. yesterday and told him that I don't think the PT is working and what was plan B. Plan B was trigger point injection and I agreed to that, wow what a difference there is still slight pain but a whole lot better and I can even bend down now. He also recommend some ART so I may try to schedule that but now with the better flexibility and reduce pain in my left leg am not sure how to properly walk since I have been compensating for so long.

Yesterday was a quick upper body workout on the Bowflex. We had some nasty thunderstorm move in yesterday.

AM: Mindy's Super Challenge Cycle for 45 mins

PM: 6 miles run
15 mins on the elliptical (warmup)
10 mins on the stepper (cooldown)
Leg workout on the machine
Abs from Abs TV including Jackie's 1-on-1 core program (not really sure I like it)

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